Welcome and Good Morning

Why welcome AND good morning?

This blog is dedicated toward better copywriting and life.

There’s a tool that I’ll tell you about later describe in an upcoming post that can tell you with a high degree of certainty whether the words you choose are statistically profitable or not. You can change things like I just did words like those previous ones to see what works better (don’t worry, I won’t keep doing that). In upcoming posts, I’ll review other examples of copywriting and show you what’s working or ways to improve.

Welcome and good morning are equally profitable. The default title, "Hello World" is slightly less profitable. Good afternoon is marginally profitable and hi, dear, and good evening are all unprofitable. That means that you’d be better off with blank space than saying "Dear so-in-so" in print. John Carlton stresses that using a person’s name can increase response by 30% so there’s some offset there.

How else could you begin a letter?

Good morning So-in-so.

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