Upcoming Seminars and Competitive Advantages

Some interesting news…

I signed up to attend Harlan Kilstein’s first NLP Writing Certification seminar. Harlan is the only one who’s mastered the art of applying NLP to copywriting. He says it doesn’t work the same at all as the spoken mainstream variety. It should be fascinating material.

When I get back, I’ll begin an 8 week intensive headline and lead course put on by Accelerated Training Services . Many copywriters try to get good at all things and end up missing the boat. This course is aimed at launching you into the ranks of A+ writers when it comes to headlines and leads. That factor alone accounts for 80% of the success of a promotion.

That brings me to the concept of a competitive advantage. So often I hear talk of specializing. Of course you want to narrow the field and excel in a particular market. What’s often missing is the fact that there has to be something that differentiates you from the other guy. Some call it a unique selling proposition, others an irresistible offer. The latter is something entirely different according to Mark Joyner .

Top copywriters say that powerful copywriting is the limiting factor in the growth of many companies and so there will always be lots of work for copywriters. Be that as it may, many top writers and organizations like AWAI are helping more and more copywriters get started… myself included. Some day copywriters may have to compete for work. At the least, we’ll have to compete for the biggest publishers like Agora, Rodale, Boardroom, and Phillips.

Specializing isn’t the same thing as having a competitive advantage. Specializing is choosing the market you want to work in. A competitive advantage is why a client should hire you instead of someone else. Someday the distinctions might matter for writers. We’ll have to begin practicing what we preach. More than a magical personality, we’ll have to be competitive writers.

After these seminars, I’ll be one of a handful of copywriters who are NLP Writing Certified as well as expert in headlines and leads. Pair that with appreciation of statistical analysis and that’s quite a competitive advantage.

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