NLP Seminar Update

I returned from Las Vegas Saturday night fairly sleep deprived. You see, I ended up staying at a hostel which was a good change of pace from the conference but that pace excluded much sleep.

The seminar was truly amazing. I’ll be incorporating what I learned into my portfolio in the future and a sales letter for potential clients sooner than later.

The best way I can describe the difference NLP makes is to compare modern commercials to older ones. See: .

In this first clip, the actor is talking about the features of this beer. From the look of it he doesn’t like it. Watch his face when he actually drinks it. Makes you want some, huh?

Fast forward to modern times:

Remember anything about the beer from this commercial? Nope. You only get images… some funny… some sexy. Your brain gets a message directly bypassing your conscious filtering. If you’re in the target market, you can’t help but associate fun with the product. The only issue may be that you can’t remember which beer the commercial was for. But you admire the wing man.

NLP copywriting is as different from traditional benefit oriented copywriting as those commercials. It allows you to slip through people’s resistance to a product unnoticed. Of course you can’t violate someone’s core values. If they might have bought it before, they’ll be much more inclined.

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