Crystallized Words Resonating in the Heart

I’ve wondered why some words perform statistically better than others. Why is “know” statistically terrible but “realize” is okay and “be aware of” is outstanding?

One theory I have has to do with water crystals. Dr Emoto experimented with words attached to samples of water. He then froze the water and took pictures of the crystals. The results are amazing. You see that different words actually create different molecular patterns of crystals. Beautiful words create beautiful pictures and vise versa.

Somewhere deep in the psyche of man is an unconscious resonance with words, sounds and meanings. It only makes sense given the fact that we’re 100% energy. Why wouldn’t energy from other sources affect our personal energy?

That’s my theory. The energy of words interacts with the energy of human consciousness. Statistical analysis based on thousands of profitable and unprofitable ads helps us detect this pattern.

Beyond the marketing, each person is made up of 70% water. If words near water make such a huge difference in their molecular makeup, how much more so does our attitude affect our well being?

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