Sometimes Unexpected Is Good

I finished my NLP Certification letter. I’m waiting for it to be reviewed. Harlan will probably tear it to shreds. If so, that will be a good way to learn.

I’m using this exercise on my self promotion letter. Up until this point, the blog was the homepage. Taking the example from other top marketers, I’m making my sales letter the homepage.

To put it up, I needed to read the FAQs on making a static page your homepage. It was simple enough. I found that it created an extra link in the list.

The only way I could figure out to take that extra link out was to switch the link to private. When that happens, it prints "Private: [page title]" at the top of the page. "Private" wasn’t originally part of the copy. I checked it with my statistics software and found that it increased the score a little.

Sometimes the unexpected is good.

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