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Tuesday 8:35 AM

Good morning Advertising Professional,

You’re on the hunt.

You stalk your prey. As you press through the corporate jungle, you can smell him. You see his footprints. You can feel his presence nearby.

You may be wondering who this prey is. You may already realize… depending on your company’s position, it could either be a client or a copywriter.

You’re probably wondering why it would be one of those two strange birds.

The simple fact is that you either want more work or you have too much. I’m wondering how surprised you would be to find that these two prey can be traced back to a single species… a philosopher’s stone of sorts.

If you’re hunting for more work, the methodical direct response copywriter can work his magic and bring more clients to you. It will be like shooting fish in a barrel. Your people can go right to work on the accounts.

If you have too much work, a direct response copywriter can attract the creative talent you need or prepare compelling copy himself.

Maybe you’re beginning to see how such a person could help seize upon any opportunity… turning lead into gold… take advantage of each opportunity.

Perhaps you can see why it’s imperative to find an individual of this caliber before the competition. Let the magic work for you instead.

You could have price concerns. That’s okay. I’m looking for long term relationships. I want to make sure you get a price you’re happy with. Test me with a small project if you like.

You’re likely noticing that the postcard and this page is nearly all words. That’s my specialty. If graphics is your strong point, we might make a good team.

You may want to protect the password to this site with your life. Careers may rise or fall on it.

Hungry clients could be induced by your offer and take action. Or they’ll be seeing your competition’s name. It’s up to you.

I’m wondering how happy you might be starting to get realizing that a surprising career opportunity is shared here…  and how long before you’ll pick up the phone.

I might as well tell you that more than a few large advertising companies in Austin got the password too. If you’re the last one to call, I can’t guarantee you’ll be helped.

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This is my personal cell phone so you’ll need to tell me why you’re calling.

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