You can’t trick the Universe

I’ve noticed what appears to be an interesting coincidence.

I’ve had it happen a few times that when people try to cheat me, trick me, or go against something that might be a huge moral issue, something bad happens to them.

I posted about the guy who got food poisoning right before trying to get away with stiffing me.

What I haven’t told but a couple of people about are some other events in my life.

These are only theories but they’re too uncanny to ignore. There were 2 men I spoke to years ago that ended up dying of natural causes shortly after. One was a church minister. The other I can’t tell you much about because a few people could recognize who he was from the details and be hurt by the story.

I guess some people could be hurt by the minister story too but that was nearly 10 years ago. I’ve been to so many different churches since then that I doubt anyone who be able to guess who it was unless I told you.

I made an appointment to speak to the minister and we talked about how his sermons weren’t relevant to the particular demographic I belonged to. I was speaking on behalf on a significant portion on my peers at the time after much discussion. His response was basically that he had no intention of changing anything but in nicer words.

I began earnestly praying for change. Less than a month later, the minister died of a heart attack. It was sudden and they said he went quickly. I told God at the time that’s not what I had in mind. I felt a little bad about it.

The second guy was a married man who had lots of p0rn in his house. The issue with that was they were constantly traveling and inviting young men over to house sit for them. I didn’t think it was right to expose guys to that sort of thing so I asked him to make sure it was secure before he let more guys stay at his house without him.

I saw him a few months later and he was dying of cancer. A few months after that he was dead. I’m really not sure what to think of that either. I’ve heard that cancer is linked to unresolved guilt.

My only theory about these things is that it’s not a good practice to fight the Universe. I realize the morality is relative but we’re all here together and have to find a way to get along. If you come across someone in a good, positive alignment… don’t fight them. You don’t have to embrace something but you aren’t required to fight it either.

It probably has to do with keeping good Karma. Neale Donald Walsch wrote in Conversations with God, Book 1 , "There are no victims in the universe, only creators."

I think I’ll try to make a humorous speech about this. That’s something that Richard Bandler talks about – keeping your sense of humor and not taking things too seriously. He’s the guy that basically invented NLP. Fascinating guy.

And between The Daily Show and my experience as a medic, I have hope that anything can be made funny with a little creativity.

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