Misdirection and the false close

Of all the various books and courses I’ve studied, AWAI is the only one that goes into depth on the false close.

According to the art of seduction model, it’s when you’re finishing the tour of the house and instead of stopping at the bed, you stop at the computer where there only happens to be one chair. You simply want to show some cool pictures from your last vacation, right?

The purpose is the same in copy as in seduction. Your target is expecting that you’re trying to get into their pants (where their wallet is, silly). Instead, you’ve directed their attention elsewhere. The pressure to accept what they thought was coming dissipates. They’re wondering what’s next.

In copy, you introduce a benefit you were holding back. The target has forgotten the resistance they were saving up for the close and their desire kicks in. They feel as if they’re in control and the one who’s pursuing. If things leading up to this went okay, you’ve closed the deal while letting your target feel like she’s the one closing you.

Most people feel the need to establish their boundaries to relax and be safe. They’re constantly testing the limits to see where they are. If they were prepared to push against your close and then it isn’t where they expected they feel a vacuum left. They start to wonder if they might loose out on their opportunity for the close. Instead of pushing against it, they start pulling for it… IF you’ve built up enough interest in your offer.

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