Closing off bunny trails

I finished watching Eric Graham’s webinar on conversion optimization and I realized I’ve been doing it wrong. I’ve been trying to do two things with one site and that’s not the most effective way.

The effective way is to have a sales page that encourages one action OR a content site where people can poke around where they like. I’ve had my sales page as the homepage for this site AND had all sorts of “distracting” links on the side.

If you’re looking at the site now instead of a reader, you can see that I changed the homepage back to the blog. I don’t know if that will have messed up anyone subscribed to a reader. If so, sorry.

I may get a separate domain for a sales letter. If so, I’ll promote it here somewhere obvious.

The reason I may not is that I’m planning to go ahead with my own products as I mentioned before. I may or may not get back around to accepting additional copywriting clients. It never hurts to ask.

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