Switching blog hosting over soon

I was trying to identify where some of my traffic comes from the other day.

I noticed that under some search engine terms, it finds my content but the title is something like:

Copywriting – Blogs, Pictures and more on WordPress

Yes, if they follow the link, they’ll find me but that’s not what I had in mind. I realized that I need to switch the hosting over to my own hosting service rather than let WordPress host it. I set this all up and figured it out as I went so I’m learning.

I was actually trying to model Bob Bly’s website. I think he’s more a corporate B2B kind of guy. Even he has gotten into the information product industry too. The result is that this blog looks a little schizophrenic.

I realize some of my pages aren’t what they could be. I’m planning to set up a new blog on this domain and restore all the blogs and comments. I imagine some of the permalinks will change so I apologize if that wrecks your business plan. And I’ll back and put the pages in as posts. Then I’ll set up a separate domain for products and services I’m offering.

Hopefully James Brausch won’t think I’m a retard after that. Not that he’s said that. That’s just what I would think of my site if I were him. He’s probably looking at my site wondering why I haven’t created any products. You’d think if I read his blog, I’d be following his valuable advice more closely. I guess I’m a little slow. I’ll get there eventually.

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