Back on track

I’m happy with the look of my blog again.

A couple of notable changes are that I took the pages off the sidebar. It seemed a bit cluttered to me.

Instead, I’m going to post the couple of pages that had to do with improving copy so they’ll be searchable as well. The new look also emphasizes that I’m going to be more product than service oriented in the future. That will be more evident once I have a product to offer.

Of course if the cure to cancer or a water powered car were developed, I’d probably jump at the chance to write the copy for those kinds of things.

In the meantime, I’m planning an entry level NLP copywriting product. The certification process I went through last year was 3 full days plus a written assignment. The cost was $1000 plus travel and accommodations. If you opted for the DVDs instead (I got those too), you paid the same amount.

Most of the material on the market regarding NLP and marketing is either fairly expensive ($1000+) or rather low in quality. Written and spoken NLP definitely have some significant differences that could backfire.

If there’s something you’d like to see in a product like this, feel free to comment or email me at writing at louisrburns dot com.

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