Harlan’s Use of NLP in a PS

Here’s a video that Harlan posted a little while back. It’s actually the same video twice so it’s only about 3 minutes. I think I mentioned it before if I recall correctly.


What he doesn’t tell you in the video (and I hadn’t mentioned) is why nominalization takes the power out of a word. When you change a verb into a noun (i.e. being skeptical to skepticism), you take the motion out of it. No motion, no energy. No energy, no power.

Conversely, if you want to add energy to a work, turn it into action. Richard Bandler uses this method to cure phobias. When you take the energy and make it smaller (visual), quieter (auditory), further away (kinesthetic), it looses power. Taking it and putting it far away by making it past tense does more of that. Bandler also cures it by taking that energy and spinning it the opposite direction.

Of course that’s much harder to do in writing. I’d say impossible but as soon as you say that, someone will figure it out.

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