NLP Copywriting 101 Finally Available

I released my online video, NLP Copywriting 101, on the Warriors Forum in their special offer area.

If you’re interested in getting a copy, you’ll need to become a member there.

I can’t guarantee I’ll release the video to the general public. It will likely be in a different format if I do. If you want to get the current release, I recommend you visit the thread.

At the very least, you can check out how I used NLP Copywriting in my own sales letter.

Stay tuned for a post regarding how I finally chose to format the embedded commands for forum code. If you’re not familiar with it, forum code is the limited html you can do in a forum post. I couldn’t do my first couple of preferences for embedded commands and had to adjust accordingly.

Here’s the link to the forum post:

[Update: NLP Copywriting 101 is no longer available. The new and improved way to learn the topic is at .]

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