Embedded Commands in Forum Posts

There are several ways to format embedded commands.

On a hard copy print, you have total control over how it turns out. Online, sometimes things render differently in their browser (like in Harlan’s golf letter).

A forum is usually even more limited in formatting. There are specific colors and text sizes available.

For my video release, I looked at several things. First I played with font colors. They all seemed a little too conspicuous to me. Then I looked at text size. In my browser, the default text size is 2. If I formatted the embedded command with size 3, it looked pretty good.

Then I wondered about people who may view their text in a larger size than I do in my browser. I increased the font size on the preview to see what that would do. As you can see in the following before and after pictures below, it increased both text sizes by one. The difference between text size 2 and 3 are pretty small but from 3 to 4, it looks like you’ve also added bold emphasis. That’s no good.

Look at the second paragraph after the salutation. Do you see the difference in "this is different." I realize it’s not a very direct command but that’s part of the being elegant. I tried to avoid any "BUY NOW" kind of commands especially near the beginning.



After all that, I decided the most elegant solution for the commands was to italicize most of them and leave the rest unformatted. I have a persona shift into an embedded command just before the middle of the letter that may have been too obvious if I’d emphasized it with any formatting change.

If you didn’t see the final outcome of my formatting, go to:


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  1. Like you say Louis, formatting between browsers can be a bitch and I am with you on choosing the path of elegance. Maybe one day there will be a standard browser response 🙂

  2. In forum we have thing to follow to make a good post. Forums as you say have limited codes and some of the forum when you have posted you cannot edit it that’s why we have to know the code available on it.

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