Progress Update

I upgraded to the newest version of WordPress today. With the InstantUpgrade widget, it was a piece of cake… especially since I maintain 3 different blogs. One click (after backing up) and I was done.

More importantly, I’ve nailed down the 12 topics I plan to use for the NLP Copywriting course I’m developing. Each lesson will be a brief pdf followed by written exercises. Top copywriters will tell you that copying winning sales letters is a foundational exercise to build up copywriting skill. Writing NLP patterns is the way to get these patterns to flow through whatever you write… naturally.

Here are the topics I plan to address:

  1. The Presuppositions of NLP plus some basics
  2. Causal modeling plus some more basics
  3. The differences between spoken and written NLP
  4. The Meta Model and Milton Model
  5. Criteria and Modal Operators
  6. Pacing and Leading
  7. Presuppositions I
  8. Presuppositions II
  9. Time Patterns, Shifting Persona & Nominalizations
  10. Embedded Commands, Embedded Questions & Mind Reading
  11. Reframing and Preempting Objections
  12. Therapeutic Metaphor

Again, if you purchased the NLP Copywriting 101 (Beta Version), you’ll automatically receive the above course.

At this point, the plan is to set it up as a subscription… $10 per lesson per week. I’m thinking I’ll give away the first lesson. If you like it, subscribe and you’ll automatically receive a lesson a week. Let me know if you think I ought to do it differently.

[Update: the offer is slightly different now. See .]

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