What do you call NLP?

One thing I’ve noticed since having begun studying NLP is that very few people here in the USA have ever heard of NLP.

If you look at NLP trainers, many of them have taken to making up other names for it. Bandler has Persuasion Engineering . Tony Robbins doesn’t mention it much except that he had to start calling it NAC (Nuero-Associative Conditioning) due to a lawsuit. One of the top corporate trainers in it wrote a book on it and called it Influencing with Integrity . Another wrote about NLP in terms of optimal happiness and titled it Flow . Others have named it Hypnotic Writing, Covert Persuasion, or Speed Seduction depending on the niche.

And don’t even get started on NLP trainers. There are so many different names for it now. They usually have to do with life enhancement or development. I read about a medical treatment called something like Lightning Therapy. Evidently it treats a condition that sounded like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome with a surprising success rate. It was a UK newspaper and they actually reported that it was like NLP. That was surprising because you’d never see a US newspaper refer to NLP. If they did, they’d have to explain it because so few people here have heard of it.

All that said, I’m still wondering what to call my upcoming course. How about something like Hypnotic Copywriting or Covert Copywriting? Any other ideas?

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  1. Yep Louis it is really weird the apparent lack of knowledge on my side of the pond too. I am sure it was not a marketer that came up with the name, but now we have it why hide it? Of course the Robbinss of this world will claim it for themselves. Maybe you should call what you do Burns Copywriting 🙂

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