The first lesson

As I mentioned previously, I’m converting my video into a series of lessons.

The first lesson is now available for download. I’m going to go back and reformat it so that it has a title page, table of contents, copyright, etc, but the content of the lesson will be the same.

In the meantime, I’ve posted that the first lesson is free in several forums. Here’s more or less what I post:

I’m creating a course on becoming a hypnotic writer. I’m giving away the first lesson and would appreciate any feedback… testimonials or suggestions for improvement.

Here are some overall benefits for the whole course so you can see if it’s worth your time.

  • Acquire readers’ good will through calculated ordering of words
  • Allow prospects to lower your resistance while accepting the message unconsciously
  • Implant subliminal commands directing readers to a predetermined outcome
  • Compel prospects to resist misdirected words as the real message is received
  • Distort time and perception… adjusting readers’ desired frame of mind
  • Bottom line: increasing conversions, winning more sales and lowering return rates leading to…
  • More readers buying the results they want = more money = more overall happiness for all parties involved.

It’s a mix of brief, clear explanations and challenging practice exercises. If you realize you want the rest of it, instructions are at the end of the free lesson. Also, for reference, I’m a Certified NLP Copywriter (by Harlan Kilstein) and have since studied many of the original source material books and seminars. I’m incorporating all I’ve learned about NLP into a 12 lesson course delivered once a week.

After blogging on NLP Copywriting for a while I had folks commenting that there wasn’t a good way available to learn it. Most of the original materials are hard to find and harder to understand. I’ve been both a soccer coach and a middle school math teacher so I’m comfortable breaking things down into simpler components and creating exercises.

Harlan may teach NLP Copywriting again if he decides to have another seminar. If so, you’ll have to have the available funds and time and hope he decides to promote it in time. Last time there was only a couple weeks’ notice. Based on the emails I’ve seen from him and his teleconferences, I don’t know if that’s in the future plans or not.

Here’s what a previewer said:

“Louis I like your part 1 a lot. You have used notes, which are really what I would have hoped for, even though I could not have told you that before reading it. Using your notes gives me confidence in a way it would be difficult to achieve with just explanation. The critique of examples is the heart of your teaching.

“As you have spotted the explanation of the device or technique only takes a couple of pages. After that it is practice, practice, practice, hopefully with an experienced sounding board for guidance and advice.”

John Sadler

The lesson is 100% free. It’s a real lesson rather than a cloaked sales pitch. It’s a pdf so you can scan through it and see for yourself. I’m not asking for an email address or anything. If you want to go get it , visit


You may have noticed I used a few patterns even in that post. It’s fun to find yourself using patterns even in simple communications like forum posts or emails too.

[Update: The offer has since changed. The first lesson isn’t free anymore. Sorry.]

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  1. I’m a copywriting newbie. Do you think it’s any good to learn about NLP before getting any kind of training about copywriting?

  2. Paulo,

    The end result you’re going after will help you decide what your first steps should be.

    Obviously if I teach on NLP I think it’s good to learn regardless of whatever other goals you have in mind.

    If you want to be a copywriter and you haven’t gotten any training yet then you ought to get started. There are lots of books and programs to help with that. Again, it depends on what you’re wanting to do with it.

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