All the Jobs I’ve Had

This post doesn’t pertain to NLP or marketing per se.

I was preparing for a speech I gave at my Toastmasters meeting yesterday. I started to make a list of all the jobs or businesses I’ve had that I’ve been compensated for one way or another.

Since this list is so long, I’ll bold the ones that I held for one year or longer. There’s too many for me to try to order them chronologically. Some I can’t remember when I started or stopped exactly.

The total count comes to 43 though I lumped several of the same things together (ie. pizza delivery for different companies or temporary clerical work).

  1. Produce clerk
  2. Deli clerk
  3. Loss prevention
  4. Mover
  5. Courier
  6. Sacker
  7. Vending route owner
  8. Knife salesman (Cutco)
  9. Restaurant cook (Owens Family Restaurant)
  10. Phone book delivery
  11. Pizza delivery (3 different companies)
  12. Carpet cleaning
  13. YMCA after school care
  14. B2B lead generation
  15. Car salesman
  16. Realtor – 3 years
  17. House cleaning
  18. Scored standardized test essays
  19. Misc clerical temp work
  20. Lawn care
  21. Army Airborne Medic – 1 year
  22. Texas Army National Guard – officer candidate – 2 years
  23. Substitute teacher – all subjects and ages
  24. Clinical trial participant
  25. Home remodeling
  26. House sitting
  27. Middle school math teacher (a year when including subbing)
  28. Proofreader – textbooks and paperbacks
  29. Fact checker
  30. Soccer coach
  31. Telemarketing
  32. XBox 360 technical support
  33. Satellite TV service sales
  34. Yahoo classified ads sales
  35. Ghost writing articles and blog posts (not paid)
  36. Created several websites (including this one)
  37. Insurance sales
  38. Network marketing – 2 different companies
  39. Church college staff
  40. Copywriter – part time since 2006
  41. Self published author (not paid)
  42. Online entrepreneur – including this site
  43. Marketing consultant

7 Responses

  1. My goodness Louis you are a man who has been looking for your ostrich farm for a long time in many different places. I hope you feel that now you have found it :o)

  2. That is nice man you are done 43 jobs and you have a enough knowledge of all the fields that is amazing. According to me blogging is a nice job for any one on this earth.

  3. 43 jobs! Oh my! You’ve got a great experience list on your resume which can impress any employer. Great going buddy! It does highlight the fact again that Human Mind is capable of everything, you can learn and can perform anything you’re willing to do.

  4. As an update (last 7 years):
    44. Mortgage servicer customer service rep
    45. Tiny house builder
    46. University teaching assistant
    47. Survey participant
    48. Location intelligence intern
    49. Landlord
    50. Commercial Realtor
    51. Self defense instructor
    52. PhD Student (not sure that one counts as a job but it’s a lot of work)

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