Every Word Matters

Several blogs were talking about words recently and I wanted to bring them to your attention.

First off is A-List copywriter David Garfinkel. He showed how newspaper headlines can have drastically different interpretations just by how you read the same words. He was at Harlan’s NLP Copywriting seminar last fall too and mentions an NLP application. Check it out here .

Then James Brausch wrote about a similar idea . His centered more about how emotionally laden words can alter the entire meaning of a message and thus your thoughts… even simple changes like terrorists vs freedom fighters. Here was the original post. Then he gave his readers some practice . He followed with some explanation on why some things don’t make sense and an indirect complement [Thanks, James].

Finally, I noticed Steve [didn’t see a last name] who has an NLP blog. He talked at length about nominalizations . Of course we NLP marketing folks use nominalizations a little differently than the mainstream NLP Practitioners. It really depends on the result you’re looking for and whether you’re looking for your reader’s energy to move or to dissipate.

All those things are covered in my "Be a Hypnotic Writer " course… including practice. In another week or so, I’m going to be raising the price and turning it into a one time payment instead of subscriptions. If you’d like to take advantage of the low price now, you better do it soon. Click on the free lesson in the sidebar.

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  1. Hi Louis!
    Thanks for the mention in the post. Nominalizations can definitely pack more punch in marketing. You can use them effectively in long sales letters and even more in video marketing.
    Describe the process/pattern at length and anchor it to the nominalization. You’ll have your shortcut.
    All the best,
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