New Guarantees

I switched the price to a one time $300 instead of the subscription service. If you read the previous post on how much went into the course you’ll probably agree it’s still a bargain.

The other thing that’s changed is that you now have a money back AND "includes everything" guarantees. The money back means you can receive the first 4 lessons and still get your money back if you want. The "includes everything" guarantee is that I’m guaranteeing that it includes every topic in NLP relevant to copywriting. If you get through the course and feel like I’ve left something out, I’ll research it and create a bonus lesson so that you’ll have gotten everything .

That ought to settle it. You can look for a full 30 days without having to commit to purchasing the course. And then if you had concern about the quality (because quality does vary considerably in the NLP community), now you know that you’ll finish the course having been exposed to everything in NLP relevant to copywriting. I would say you’ll have learned it all but I can’t guarantee you’ll do the exercises.

What are you waiting for then? If you want to learn to use NLP in copywriting, this is THE place to do it. Or you can try to figure it all out on your own. If you compare that $10K+ way to my $300 course… well, you get the idea. It’s no comparison.

The landing page is a work in progress since I have other things going on too. I’ll be multivariate testing it too once I’m happy with the way it looks. You don’t have to wait until then to go get it.

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  1. I am up to lesson 8 and I think this is a very special course that you will not find anywhere else. Louis has great way of getting to the point and getting you to the point where you write great copy.

  2. Hi Louis,

    I’ve bought your course the subscription way and am very happy with it. One angle you have not mentioned in the previous post on value is the scarcity of good material on the use of NLP in copy – I guess this would indicate that a high price would be justified just on that basis alone. I read “Influence” by Caldini many years ago and if my memory is as good as I think it is there was one story in it where raising the price of some jewelery led to increased sales 🙂


  3. Hey guys, thanks for the comments.

    Tony, you’re correct about there not being another course on NLP copywriting. I’ll make sure to mention that in the sales letter. I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying the course.


  4. NLP is everywhere. While there may not be a specific course on NLP copywriting there are principles in just about every copywriting course.

    Remember NLP is nothing more than communication. Really the art and science of communication. Or how the language of the mind affects the nervous system.

    If you can get your reader engaged in your sales letter using their modalities – visual, auditory, and kinesthetic you will be way ahead of the game.

    I have put together a teleseminar series I think you and your readers would be very interested in. Come visit us over on the Summit.

    Choose to make it an outstanding day,

    – Todd

  5. Todd,

    There actually is a specific course on NLP copywriting… I just created it. 🙂

    That’s what this post was about. In rereading it, I noticed that I started it in mid-thought. You wouldn’t know I was talking about that course if you hadn’t been reading my previous posts. I’ll try to refrain from doing that in the future.

    I figured if I called it NLP Copywriting, most people wouldn’t know what I was talking about so it’s called, “Be a Hypnotic Writer.”

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