Modeling Customers

At Harlan’s NLP Copywriting II seminar (I didn’t attend), he said he was going to teach people to model their audience.

He also said he’d modeled someone without their knowledge.

The notes of that modeling are here:

Recently, Steve Bauer posted on what’s required to model people . He said you can’t model people you’ve never met.

Given those things, is it possible to effectively model a whole group of people? It doesn’t sound plausible to me. What you can do is come up with some general trends. According to David Gordon (and thus Harlan) it’s about discovering beliefs, strategies, emotions and external behavior… then yes, you can find out some of that as a trend for your market.

If you want to see an outline for the things included in David Gordon’s system of modeling check out the Table of Contents of his book. I ordered it last week so I can tell you more about it after I’ve read it.

Any maybe Steve will weigh in with his opinion too. 🙂

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  1. I mentioned this on another blog. And to me modeling is a fascinating subject. I think it is also very interesting to read the different beliefs surrounding modeling.

    I have put together a teleseminar series based on this very subject. We have put together an incredible collection of the greats in NLP and basically put their feet to the fire finding out how they do what they do.

    Keep up the great work. It takes people like yourself to get NLP out there. Thanks for your work!

    – Todd

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