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This past week has seen some interesting developments.

I learned that some local long time NLP experts started a blog. The said that they intend to eventually release many of the NLP models they created over the years for the semiconductor industry. In the meantime, the first few posts have been worth reading.

James Brausch changed domains again. Fortunately if you’re just getting started or would like a refresher on the basics, this looks to be the place. I noticed he’s testing the picture in the top right corner so check that out too. So far, I’ve seen a racially ambiguous bearded dude in a suit and no picture tests.

Richard Lee is going to start over from scratch and build up his internet business almost entirely at no cost. If you don’t know him, he’s consistently been ranked in the top few results for the highly competitive search term, "internet business." It ought to be instructional to follow his progress.

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