Calibrating Pacing

Last week I attended a Hypnosis MeetUp group.

After some explanation we broke up into groups to practice putting each other into trance. As newbies, we have a long way to go in calibrating our paces. Even though my partner “missed” several times, I was still able to go into trance.

What occurs to me is that as you’re using NLP in your copy, it doesn’t have to be perfect. Your reader does have a modicum of vested interest in interacting with your message or else he wouldn’t be reading it. She can help you at points where you’re less than elegant.

There are limits of course. In one exercise we were supposed to say, “that’s right” every time we noticed our partner going deeper into trance. One of my partners had a hypnosis audio she used to fall asleep to. The voice was almost comically deep and repeated, “that’s right.” So every time she tried to say it, she started giggling. I wasn’t able to go into trance like that because I would end up laughing too.

All that’s to say you don’t have to be perfect to be effective. As long as you’re not completely breaking state, you’re probably getting through to some degree.

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