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Sorry I let it go almost 2 weeks without posting. I had a birthday weekend and my major volunteer effort – Toastmasters – started a new year.

I’ve got a club and a district officer role this time around and it all came down at the same time. When I told one of our new club officers that, she asked why anyone would want to do that. Everyone has their reasons for joining Toastmasters (a communication and leadership organization if you didn’t know). Serving in a leadership capacity is a totally different level though. It wasn’t until I got into district leadership that I started taking the program seriously and speaking regularly.

My reason for the "extra" involvement is that after all the different organizations I’ve been a part of… churches, corporations, the army, the public school system, soccer teams… I consider Toastmasters to be one of the best. It gives people the opportunity to improve themselves. You don’t have to have a set of beliefs or be coerced into anything. You show up… you’re challenged… you have fun… you get better.  If anything promotes world peace, it’s empowering people to act on their own beliefs.

If you’re a copywriter or anyone who wants low risk practice in persuasion, I can’t recommend Toastmasters more highly. You can write your speech and get immediate feedback from an audience.

On to profiles… Ryan Healy wrote on how to know if you have the traits of a freelance copywriter. It’s good stuff. As I’ve been working on an NLP model for copywriters, I’ve noticed a few things. One is that there’s almost NO consistent trait among copywriters other than having a creative process that consists of researching, writing and editing. Beyond that, everyone’s an individual.

So while the grandmasters of copywriting enjoy describing what makes a great copywriter, what they’re probably really saying is what they believe makes them a good copywriter. Every master in any field will write about what unique traits they have. The truth is that there are lots of good copywriters out there who don’t fit any mold.

And then if you consider yourself an entrepreneur first, there’s even more variety there. Somehow most of those guys keep pounding out bad ads year after year and still make money. Of course they’d make more if they improved their marketing skills but just about everyone knows a story like that.

One consistent across almost all organizations and professions is value and influence. Where are you providing value and how are you influencing others to convey that value?

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  1. I’d say its quality over quantity. So its no big deal really that you haven’t posted in over 2 weeks, that’s my take on it at least. That’s great to hear though that you are volunteering 🙂 I also volunteer my time, when I am at college.

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