It’s not stage hypnosis

I gave my copywriting model its first dry run today.

I have a friend who’s interested in learning copywriting so I gave him the model and walked him through the acquisition protocol using a little trance work.

We’ve had our share of political discussions in the past. When I asked him if he wanted me to use hypnosis to make it go easier, he asked if he’d wake up libertarian.

I realized that most people only know about stage hypnosis… you know the kind where a magician makes people cluck like a chicken or go a rigid as a board. Well, my experience as an amateur hypnotist tells me that’s just for show. Most of it is more the variety of spacing out while driving or getting engrossed in a good book. It’s just a more focused state of internal awareness.

I expect to finalize my copywriting model in the next few weeks. It’s going to include an audio that uses hypnosis to smooth the acquisition process. It can be acquired without the audio if working in trance seems spooky to you. I’m including directions on doing it either way.

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  1. Hey Louis,

    Great to hear you’re making progress — actually, giving the final touches to your copywriting model.

    A quick question since you’re the expert on the subject matter: do we actually have classic NLP models for copywriting?

    Let me clarify this. Have you or any other modeler actually modeled a specific oustanding copywriter to distill the patterns found in his/her work?

    This model would be similar to the Milton Model. I guess it could be the Carlton Model, the Halbert Model or the Fortin Model.

    Do we have such a model?



  2. Steve,

    I know creating a model of some of the greats was how Harlan Kilstein got his start in copywriting. He hosted a seminar along with David Gordon to share it back in February. I had something else going on and didn’t attend.

    The sales letter for that seminar is at: In scanning it again, it looks like he modeled John Carlton, David Deutsch, David Garfinkel, and Brian Keith Voiles. He may still be selling those DVDs. If so, the price was $1000 on that site.

    I think some copywriting teachers have realized there’s more to it than just nuts and bolts how-to directions. I remember reading a post by Carlton sometime after that where he was hosting another conference and what he was describing sounded more like modeling.

    If you want to see the rest of the pages Harlan has on that domain, search a common keyword you’d expect to be on each page. In Google, type in “copywriting site:” without the quotes.

    There are a couple of folks that have worked with Kilstein and Gordon before on modeling here in the Austin NLP community. One of them mentioned that he’d done a copywriting model before too many years ago.

    It sounds like there are lots of models out there but almost no one is making them publicly available much less actually promoting them as products. All the ones I’ve seen online are in the Experiential Array format and require you to know how to do the acquisition protocol yourself.

    I just got the book, “Know How” that contains a number of models. Flipping through it, it looks like it’s set up in a self directed written workshop type of format.

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