Mind Sync vs Neuro-Programmer 2

I got to the point where I was ready to create the brainwaves that will accompany my copywriting model.

I’d previously downloaded the shareware program, Mind Sync. Following the directions, I created a track. When I went to save it, it gave me some strange message saying it couldn’t find the file so could save it.

Given the fact that it was created in 1992, I guessed there was probably some problem with it that I couldn’t fix.

I went to http://www.transparentcorp.com/ that I’d bookmarked previously and found they had a trial version of their software, Neuro-Programmer 2. I downloaded that and it’s been very easy to use compared to the other.

I mentioned to someone I met yesterday that I do some work with hypnosis and she asked if I could help her loose 5 lbs before her wedding. Since I was playing around with Neuro-Programmer 2, I created a track with the appropriate tones, added some prerecorded scripts to make a dual induction track, and set it to Pachabel’s Cannon… all in about 20 minutes.

Another interesting feature of NP2 is the screen flashing. Evidently the way it works is that beats or pulses can create brainwave entrainment more effectively than the two wavelengths way (binaural) except when you want to go down to the delta frequency. Since I’m mostly working with alpha and theta, beats will work.

Screen flashing is supposed to work the same way the beats do. The only caveat is that if you’re in a public place like I was when I was working on this, people are going to wonder what you’re watching with your eyes closed and light flashing on your face… not easy to explain.

Obviously I’m pleased with the Neuro-Programmer 2. I’m still using the trial version but I anticipate buying the commercial license so I can market the audios I prepare.

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  1. Hi, I’m an avid follower of Brainwave Entrainment and have used it to overcome Alcoholism and depression and also have used it to be more creative and ultimately more successful online. I’m so pleased I discovered it as it has changed my life so much for the better.

    I purchased Neural Programmer and also Brain Sound Studio from Tranceparent Corp. Both programs are very good and well worth the money. Another application worth considering is Brainwave Generator. The only downside of these excellent programs is that you have to purchase a license if you wish to sell your”The Brain Entrainment Toolkit” creations. I developed an application which allows you to create your own Brainwave Entrainment tracks and sell them if you wish. It sells very well and is fun to use:

    Check it out, there is even a free demo version you can download.


  2. I’ve been using Brainwave Entrainment for 3 years and the results have been fantastic. I now feel more self confident, less stressed out, more resiliant to problems. My focus and concentration are like never before. I feel more alert and mentally sharp. I love this technology!

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