Hypnotic Writer Upgrade

In putting on the finishing touches to my copywriting model, I went ahead and upgraded my “Be A Hypnotic Writer” course based on what I’d learned.

Specifically, I:

  • Added a strategy checklist to tie everything together
  • Added an audio to put your brain into a relaxed/flow alpha state
  • Added an audio to put your brain into a brainstorming/creativity theta state
  • Turned it into a physical product through Kunaki

If you’ve already purchased the course, I’ll be sending you the upgrades sometime this week. If you took advantage of the previous $1 trial offer and you’re still in the trial period, I’ll send it after your trial is over.

The upgraded version is at:


I plan to release the copywriting model this week sometime too. I plan to offer it for $100 with a 24 hour $35 special. Watch this blog for the announcement. That’s my thanks to you for reading the blog.

If you’d like to see the sales page so far, it’s at:


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