The Difference Modeling Makes

Now that I’ve modeled graphic design, I wanted to show everyone the difference that ability can make.

Here’s the first, current cover I designed for “Be a Hypnotic Writer”:

And after learning modeling, here’s what I’ve come up with:

(Click for full size and check out the trail of sparks following the pen)

I’ll be uploading the new cover to Kunaki in the not too distant future. Everything else about the course will remain the same. If you got the original cover, you got vintage. Feel free to make fun of me for a terrible cover if we ever meet.

I’ll also be updating the Copywriter’s Mind cover as well. Both will be on the landing page for the graphic design product. Realize too that if you’re new to copywriting, that product will allow you to make this kind of dramatic improvement in that area as well.

You may have noticed on the new url on the second cover. It’s my intention to start another site specifically for new ability products like the passion one I have for free download. Some of the upcoming products aren’t really marketing related so I figured I’d have a new site for those.

If you’d like to get Graphic Designer’s Mind (the graphic design model I used to make this improvement), watch this blog in the upcoming couple of weeks or so. There will be a 24 hour special release price. Sign up to be notified if you haven’t already.

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