New Pricing on Abilities

The graphic design product will be coming out within a week or so.

After giving it some more thought, I realized that my modeling products are most like Paraliminals in nature. The main difference of course is that mine are abilities rather than subjective qualities like self esteem.

Even so, Paraliminals sell for $30 each. To be more fair, I’ve decided to reset the modeling products to be around that level.

If you paid that much for Copywriter’s Mind during the 24 hour special last time, I’ll send you a link to download Graphic Designer’s Mind when I release it. If you paid the current $100 (which is still a bargain given what you get out of it), I’ll send you a copy of “Be a Hypnotic Writer” free of charge. The price of that course will remain a steal at $100.

Watch this blog for the 24 hour special release of Graphic Designer’s Mind.

I’ll also be releasing a new cover for Copywriter’s Mind as another example of what the process of modeling a graphic designer did to transform my ability in that area.

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