Creating Time Travel With Hypnotic Writing

Were you aware that you can bend the illusion of time by altering how you reference time?

If you weren’t, you are now and you’ll be aware of opportunities to take advantage of this strategy from now on.

As with anything sold, there are pros and cons. If you want to highlight the pros, describe them in the present tense. If you want to deemphasize the cons, talk about them in the past tense.

Living in the present and talking about anything now gives it the most life and immediacy. This is where you want to talk about all the great things your buyer gets.

Conversely, you ought to address the drawbacks unless you want extra returns. You don’t have to make mountain of a molehill or unnecessarily scare anyone. Place it gently in the past when they’ve already successfully dealt with the issue.

Deep down, people buy things because they’re looking to feel better. Maybe it’s a dinner at a nicer restaurant or a new car. Help them feel good now by buying now. Talk about the good feelings they will have in the future right now. Help them imagine the pride of ownership or the better experience buying will eventually give them.

Perhaps you noticed how I used the technique in the second paragraph.

Here it is again now that you understand it:

You may have been listing benefits and drawbacks randomly before reading this article. Even so, you now know the best way to maximize those things. From now on, you’ll begin to see higher conversion rates and stretch your copywriting buck.

Let’s recap… put the drawbacks as far away in the past as you can. Highlight the immediacy of your benefits in the present. And talk about the future great results now too. Time is your friend as long as you recognize how it can help you.

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  1. I really like the linguistic use of spatial and temporal factors discussed in this article – i.e. putting the draw backs as far away in the past as possible, and then future pacing success and the benefits of the product/service. I also think this ca effect the sub modalities of the representation of the product/service. Nice post.

  2. Interesting… Where was this post before it was on this blog?

    So as you think about it now, after you have read this comment, perhaps you may consider yourself someone who understands this concept of moving time or not? But if you consider using it in the future perhaps at a job interview or asking your boss for a pay rise… What if you where to find yourself just using this style of communication to get what you want.

    1. read this 5 times out loud
    2. the morning before your interview say I have been successful using this hypnotic language.
    3. Ask your interviewer “what would happen if you fitted exactly what he/she was looking for”. What would that mean to the business? If he decided to take you on now. 🙂

    Have fun


  3. Sounds a bit like the estate agent who once tried to sell me a dump based on how nicely the neighbours had done up their place – “yours can be just as nice”, she said. Unfortunately she was trying to charge the “after” price for the “before” house! But she’d obviously heard of these techniques, because she had them down.

  4. Great Article I really like it, I love to see peoples eyes light up when they understand the fact that they can use the words WAS to put there problems behind them.

    Dont do that now:)Until now I wasnt aware that you could use this easily in sales, thanks so much for all the things you can use this in and all the things we are not aware of yet many thanks…

  5. Thanks blogger this has built on my knowledge, it just goes to show if your open to learning, it doesn’t matter how much you think you know there is always stuff to learn thanks so much big lesson for me, Ive also clicked that favorite thing so I can see more of you great stuff many thanks.

  6. Have you ever before thought to be adding far more videos in your website posts to hold the visitors a lot more entertained? I indicate I just understand in the overall article of yours also it was quite good but considering that I’m more of a visual learner,I discovered that to be far more very helpful. Hope i could help you a little bit

  7. That’s really interesting – thank you. I’ve also used some aspects of NLP to overcome personal blocks, but like some of the other commenters, haven’t thought of using it in business before.

    It makes a lot of sense though to put any drawbacks firmly in the past so that they are no longer an issue – thanks.

  8. Very nice, I have never thought about it like this 🙂
    It’s something I’m going to try from now on – and will report back after a while to see the results.
    By the way, How did you get to NLP?

    Thanks In Advance,
    Yuly – Neuro Linguistic Programming Nlp

    1. I read Tony Robbins and “My Voice Will Go With You” right out of college. Then I didn’t know where to follow up with so didn’t hear anything about it again until I went to Harlan Kilstein’s NLP Copywriting seminar.

  9. I am in to writing but I never know or use this kind of subtle techniques. Thanks for the great piece of information yaar. Really you shoe me how to create magic with Time. I will definitely use this technique in my writing. Keep the spirit and keep on doing. Thank you.

  10. Thanks for your ideas to mesmerize others by our writing and to get reputation easily. It seems that, Louis had analyzed all the nook and corners in the writing field to make some wonders in writing. All the 12 lessons were fruitful and helped me to get some ideas to enhance my writing style in a better way. Thanks!

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