New Hypnotic Services Available

Due to inquiries, I’ve decided to offer more services for people who want more or less than the do-it-yourself Hypnotic Writer Home Study Course.

If you’d like more than the course alone, now you can get hypnotic writing coaching and hypnotic writing critiques.

The coaching will include the course, a review of all assignments, email contact and a critique at the end. At this point I think it would be fair to have a one time payment for six weeks of email consultation (one email per day) and no deadline to get the critique in… all for $500 (includes the course).

Critiques will be unique in that I’ll especially pay attention to hypnotic writing uses and opportunities. I’ll also look at copywriting basics as well as anything else in particular requested. While this won’t include rewrites, I will make suggestions for improvement or places to use hypnotic techniques. I will review the same letter twice for the price. Critiques not already included in coaching start at $250 for a sales letter less than 10 pages. Any other critiques can be priced relative to that.

If you’d like to get your feet wet before you get anything else and want more than the content on this blog, I’ll answer individual questions related to hypnotic marketing for a nominal $10 fee.

Here are those services for quick reference:

If you’re interested, the order page is here or in the sidebar:

Hypnotic Writing Services

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  1. Louis – looks like a very fair package. For readers, as you consider all of the goals that you have for your business, it’s important to remember that those goals won’t happen without an investment of time and money.

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