The Dirty Secret Most SEO Services Wont Tell You

You put hours into keyword research, filled your copy with the most effective keywords and strengthened your metatags. Now youve got the effective organic SEO results you want, and more people than ever are coming to your website. But theyre not buying your product or service.

Why? Because you forgot who your web site was written for. At the same time the copy on your site was optimized for your first audience – the search engines, you made it less effective (and probably a lot less interesting) to your most important audience – the human beings who buy your product or service.

Heres the secret: Even the best keywords dont sell anything. They get people to your site, but if the web copy theyre in is irrelevant, badly written or just plain confusing your customers will take one glance and move on. Studies show you have between 5 to 8 seconds to prevent that. Good web copy will help you make the most of that.

Putting good keywords in bad web copy is just another way of making the worst mistake in marketing: over promising and under delivering. Remember, behind every click is a real live human looking for something they need. Truly powerful web copywriting, writing that generates clicks and sales, has to speak to your clients needs in a way they understand. Time and time again people forget this simple fact.

If you want to write powerful web copy that generates a high level of organic SEO, the first step is to look at your web copywriting through the eyes of your clients. Theyll be reading it for the first time, so try and look at it that way. Is it clear and simple, or filled with jargon? Does it read like a real person talks? Do you make too many assumptions about what your reader knows? Does your copy have a voice that sets your business above your competition? And most importantly, does the writing on your site clearly address the needs of your customers AND show them how you can meet them better than anyone else out there? If it doesnt, its time to do some rewriting to make sure your keyword traffic doesnt go to waste.

Another thing to keep in mind: Writing natural compelling web copy using keywords can be tough for anyone. So if you dont feel youre up to the task, hire a professional SEO copywriting service. Unlike article mills, a professional SEO copywriter will take the time to learn the strengths (and weaknesses) of your business. The best SEO copywriting services will put a human face on your company by writing effective web copy that showcases your strengths.

Great SEO writing often has unexpected benefits far beyond your site. You could optimize your site with powerful web copy, and end up redefining your whole company. Thats what effective SEO copy writing does. There is cost involved in this approach, but the money youll spend is far less than the profits youll make when you multiply the impact of your keyword traffic with natural SEO.

Dont waste another day of keyword traffic with badly written, or even worse, boring web writing. Write something you would like to read. Or look into a professional SEO copywriting services who will. When your site is filled with effective keywords and SEO copy writing that is interesting to your clients — thats when your website is truly optimized.

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  1. I found this out years ago and stopped wasting money on these services. I now do all my own link building and on page management. It takes more of my time, but then it really does not cost me money. I do it in between sales and it all works out great.

  2. You are 100% a lot of people tend to make the mistake of “satisfying” the search engines instead of their clients. Last time i checked, the search engines were not spending money on the products, the clients were. Its a fuzzy line, but you need to find the perfect combo of optimization for search engines and clients.

  3. Depends on your focus… if you are writing simply to rank high in the search and collect AdSense, then just focus on SEO. Catering to human readers won’t get much clicks on Adsense.

  4. I can’t tell you how many sites I have seen that were written for the search engines. But to take this one step further, look at Meta Descriptions as well. These appear in the search engine listings. If these are keyword stuffed and written for a bot, people won’t click through.

  5. At the beginning i also used those methods, however overall for me, i decided that it’s better to use the “White SEO”, instead of all those dirty methods. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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