Use These Simple SEO Tricks

Search engine optimization (SEO) is thought to be tough, difficult and time consuming by many. In this article, you can learn a few very simple SEO tricks that work very well on Google. Use these tricks to get your blog post ranked for a particular keyword.

Good ranking for a blog post means lots of traffic. Using these simple tricks, I have been able to get my blog posts ranked on the top of that particular keyword within a few hours by Google.

If you have a blog, then you need at least 50 posts for these tricks to work. In the beginning, Google will not take notice. But if you are consistent in posting a least once on your blog, Google will take notice once you have more than 50 posts.

Google likes fresh content. Since blogs provide fresh content to Google on daily basis. Google indexes blog posts much faster than webpages. If you are posting at least once everyday, your blog will get priority with Googlebot and it will index the post (in most cases) in 15 minutes.

When you are posting on a blog, first choose a keyword that you want to get that post ranked. Use that keyword in the title of the post.

Try to use that keyword in the first sentence within the first twenty five words, the closer to the start, the better. Use the keyword in the blog post a number of times but dont try to exceed more than 4% keyword density. Use of the keyword should be made in a natural manner.

Try to include three or four links in the post containing the keyword solely. Give emphasis by bolding the link. The URL of that post should also contain the keyword as an extension like http:// Both wordpress and blogger allow you to do this.

But in Blogger, once you have published the post, you cannot change the URL of the post. Publish the post using only the keyword in the title. Later on you can edit and change the title again if you want. You can change the title but it should still contain the keyword.

This way you are telling Google; hey this is the keyword for this post. I have used these simple tricks for getting top ranking for keywords having 100,000 to 1000,000 competing webpages.

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  1. Hello. Thanks for this post, it is really helpful. But I have a problem, I just noticed there aren’t any list of the Do-Follow blogs anymore…but I’ve got a question [I’m still kinda new in d seo thingy] if you could assist me with. Are “No-Follow” links completely irrelevant to google? cos there was a site i pasted a link on, i clearly saw it was a “no-follow” link [with the seo firefox thing] but google soon acknowledged it, and credited me for it.

  2. @ Ricky – I haven’t even looked into that kind of thing. It seems like Google is always changing their minds about stuff. I’d focus on providing good content. If you can get links with good keywords embedded, all the better.

  3. There is a reason SEO’s call content “king”. Google and the other search engines number one goal is to get the most relevant information to the top of the search results for a particular keyword. If you often add new content the search engines will continue to visit your site and index your information and your keywords. 🙂

    good post!

  4. Nice way to write all basic and Important point. I like most is Updating the content, Really content is a king. Give much updating and content and if do less off page SEO, You will get good results, Only due to fresh and regularly updated content.

  5. Great post. Thanks for providing nice & useful seo tips. These tips are very helpful for me to do a quality & result oriented work. I also refer it to my other friends as well.

  6. While I agree that good content helps a lot, and that regular, fresh content, helps googlebot return to your site on a regular basis, I gotta disagree that this alone will help you outrank everyone for lots and lots of keywords. For some keywords, yea you’ll probably do well, but for others you’ll need to get the word out about that great content, and get people to link to it.

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