First Lesson is FREE and Book Club

Based on inspiration from Eban Pagan, I went back and retooled the delivery of “Be A Hypnotic Writer.”

Specifically, Eban talks about “moving the free line.” The idea is that you give away your best stuff for free. Then people realize how good it is and want to buy the full version.

So now the first lesson of “Be A Hypnotic Writer” free. If you want to read about it or get it, go to:

Also, I’m thinking of doing a blog book club if such a thing exists. Anyone want to re-read Joe Vitale’s book Hypnotic Writing with me? In any event, I’ll read a chapter or two each week and post my comments. If you don’t have time to read it and only want to follow along, that’s cool too.

Last update: I’ve realized the picture I had in the sidebar wasn’t very much like what I currently look like. I don’t have a current picture of me at the lake or anything so I took a clip from a speech I gave presenting the model I created on how to do violence (it’s related to self defense).

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