Vitale’s “Hypnotic Writing” Chapter 14-15

In chapter 14, Joe tells how he learned a lot about hypnotic writing from magic catalogs.

He tells the story of how he was interested in magic as a child and picked it back up as an adult.

Joe talks about how the catalogs sell the sizzle not the steak. They highlight the benefits rather than the features.

The chapter goes on to break down an ad for a magician pointing out credibility built, using scarcity, building value, appealing to your reader’s ego, preempting objections, building agreement, and associating with an image (in this case James Bond).

Joe must like secrets too. He says that one of his secrets is that the higher the product price, the more copy you’ll need. I really hope that’s not a secret to anyone calling themselves a marketer.

The chapter concludes by telling us to ask ourselves what the reader wants and writing to that interest.

Chapter 15 is two pages explaining that hypnotic writing enters the conversation already taking place inside the prospect’s head.

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