Upgrading to WordPress 2.8.2

I’d been having issues upgrading the version and some plugins on this and other of my blogs. The automatic upgrade tool hadn’t been working. If you’re having the same issue and contemplating a manual upgrade, I have shortcut for you.

Turns out, there’s a plugin called InstantUpgrade. I’d been using it before WordPress started including that feature in their new versions. My experience has been that feature doesn’t always work. I’ve been several versions behind because I didn’t want to face the prospect of a manual install.

Here’s the way I finally upgraded automatically without using the WP tool. I can’t guarantee it will work for you. It worked on 7 blogs with different WP versions flawlessly and one more almost flawlessly (I can’t seem to access the Edit Posts page anymore):

  1. Make sure you back everything up first.
  2. Install the InstantUpgrade plugin.
  3. Deactivate all your plugins except InstantUpgrade.
  4. Go to the InstantUpgrade admin page.
  5. Select your preference for HTTP or FTP install (HTTP worked fine for me and doesn’t require entering additional info)
  6. Upgrade to the latest version.
  7. Log back in.
  8. Reactivate your plugins.
  9. Check to make sure you can still access everything.

Also, I found that some plugins won’t automatically upgrade. What I figured out it that just about all of them upgrade just fine if you deactivate them first.

Hope that helps. Use these directions at your own risk. They didn’t work perfectly for me and might not for you either.

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  1. Hey its good if You have upgraded the WP versions without using the WP tool. As You said that it has work in 7 blogs with different WP versions flawlessly and in one not fully but almost, then its success is 7 out of 8 blogs which is 99%. It would be a gr8 plugin, ‘ll try it.

  2. Good to know that it is quite easy and effective to update WP blogs without the update function. I was worried that it wouldn’t work anymore since I skipped several updates. But apparently it’s not a problem at all.

  3. hey, your post actually assists, today i happen the same troubles, and i have no clue on how to solve the issue. luckily i research yahoo and found your post, it helps me get rid of my trouble. thanks againone thing, may i paste your entry on my blog? i will add the source.regards!

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