Write When You Are Feeling Good- Never When You’re Tired

The tone of any particular piece of writing comes across as clearly as the nose on your face. Many times that I read a CV that has been written by someone who is fearful, I can tell immediately. The tone of writing comes across very quickly and turns off the reader so quickly that the CV gets rejected almost immediately even though nothing else is actually wrong with the document

You cannot help the way you feel about an event that is going on in your life. Feelings of desperation, despair, loneliness, etc. find a way of getting in to your subconscious mind and this definitely transmits through to the things you say and write about. One of the first things to do to resolve this issue is to understand it in the first place. Once you understand that your feelings definitely transmit into writing, you can start to do something about it

Just the simple fact of understanding that your feelings affect the way you come across in writing can help you get the results that you desire from your writing. For example, if you are at your best first thing in the morning, clearly it makes sense to write then. We all have some degree of flexibility in our schedule and choosing to write at the time when we are at our best and perhaps just planning when we are not so good

Feeling great about yourself is bond to come over in your writing. When you feel the most positive, drop everything (if that is possible for you) and get down to writing that important sales letter, job application, resume, etc. Be aware of your feelings and moods and monitor your writing for positivity. Get someone else to read through your work and make sure that you are projecting the message that you are trying to achieve

Never write when you are feeling tired. If you want to be sure to turn off your reader, make sure you write when tired. You will end up using language that turns the reader off, not on and you may as well not bother in the first place.

The best writers in the world put something of themselves into their writing. They are not scared to give everything of themselves and they connect with their audience as a result. Emotion, particularly strong emotion makes a massive difference for us- if you want to be sure that you connect with your reader, you have to take a little risk sometimes.

Taking risks in a positive way with your writing will produce incredible results. If you cannot connect with your reader, you might as well not bother. Selling yourself through an important document like a CV is so vital to the success of your life that you need to be sure that your language connects with the reader in a positive, emotionally captivating way

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  1. I very well agree with you. It happens actually. Though it hadn’t happened with me while making my CV or some letter but in other writings. Thinking goes along with mood, when the mood is not good or if one is not in a fresh mind state, definitely the thoughts arousing that moment wont be good enough. So writing work should be done when one is in free state of mind.

  2. Personally, I don’t agree with not writing when you feel tired. I quite often work late into the night and don’t think it affect me. I do agree with the other points though relating to bad moods etc.

  3. Yes I agree it is hard to write uplifting text when you are tired normally.
    But aren’t you forgetting inspiration!
    When you get a blinding insight it could happen anytime even when you are tired. But the very act of an insight a new neural connection is made and associated with it is a tremendous source of energy. Doesn’t matter how you felt before you want to tap into that energy and write day or night rested or tired.

  4. I totally agree with that to be honest. We need to write where our brain is fully oxygenated not when we are sleepy. I made the big mistake to write while I was asleep once and when I reviewed the article I couldn’t not notice the things I said.

  5. I agree with you. Being a blog writer and website content writer, I should emphasis on the point which you have detailed on. I never writer when I am tired because whatever we do we should do it with full energy and enthusiasm to get the most out of it.

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