Upgrading Saga Completed at 2.8.4

I’d mentioned before that I’ve been having issues with WordPress upgrades. My last fix I detailed in a previous blog but I’d still had one hold out until now.

When I’d used InstantUpgrade on the rest of my blogs, everything had worked out fine. This blog is my oldest one though and after the most recent upgrade, wouldn’t display the “Edit Posts” page nor the “Export” page. Fortunately I could still backup though I probably wouldn’t know what to do with it if everything crashed.

I think the issue with this blog was that I was still using the first version of InstantUpgrade instead of the new beta version. When I deleted the old one, the new one installed just fine. When I upgraded though, I was still on WP 2.8.2 instead of 2.8.4. I tried it again and got the same result. When I tried it a 3rd time, I manually typed in the version I wanted to upgrade it to and everything finally worked.

I’ve reactivated and upgraded all my plugins and everything seems to be working now for the first time in quite a while. That’s a relief. I noticed I’d let some spam build up and most of them were for pharamcueticals. Hmm. I wonder what happened to all the porn spam. Not that I miss it of course. It was just a surprise to see that the industries have shifted their spamming activities.

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  1. I’m running two WP sites on an old version of WP and I need to do an upgrade to the most recent. My host, Bluehost, has “simplescripts” which does automatic upgrades. It doesn’t do it all in one giant leap. It will take me from an old version, to an old but newer version, to an old and even newer version, etc … until I finally upgrade all the way. I assume what they’ve done is test each and every “hop” to make sure things work smoothly. But I still haven’t pulled the trigger yet. Need to backup everything first. I do not trust these scripts too much.

  2. It seems like everybody is having issues with WordPress and updgrades. I too, keep having issues with the upgrade process, I’ll try out the way you described and see if it works, thanks for the tip!

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