Vitale’s “Hypnotic Writing” Chapter 20-21

In Chapter 20, Joe makes the point that repetition is hypnotic.

He uses one example of Robin Williams in the movie, “Good Will Hunting.” At the end of the movie, Williams tells Matt Damon that it’s not his fault. Of course it almost gets him assaulted too but it’s just a movie, right?

Another example that comes to mind is a Derren Brown’s Subway Amnesia trick. You’ll notice it didn’t work every time and once he didn’t really use repetition. The phrase he’s using is an embedded command… “What STOP, thinking about it now…”


Chapter 21 is “The Inner Game Of Hypnotic Writing.” Of course I don’t recall what each chapter is about before I reread it for this review series so I was excited when I saw Joe mentioning the book series on inner game. That’s how I learned to ski- I read “The Inner Game of Skiing”, watched an instructional DVD on it and then rehearsed in my head. The first day I went skiing for real, I managed to make it safely down a blue-black hill.

Inner game topics also relate closely to NLP modeling. In fact, I created a model of direct response copywriting. It’s free to anyone who opts into my mailing list here.

So I’m expecting big things when I start into this chapter. First Joe talks about the critic voice and the master writer voice and tells us to turn off the critic while writing at the beginning. Sure, no problem. I like to think of them as the researcher, writer and editor but critic and master work fine too.

Then he talks about 3 steps to basically do stream of consciousness writing.

  1. Set a goal
  2. Be aware of the moment
  3. Trust what happens

Uh, really? That’s the inner game of hypnotic writing? Writing in trance? I was hoping for more than that. I’m all for stream of consciousness and sometimes do it that way too. Or maybe it’s just that hypnosis sometimes seems haphazard when measured against an NLP model.

Whatever the case, if you want inner game stuff check out my copywriting model. And feel free to write in stream of consciousness too when you get to the writing stage of the process.

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  1. Enjoying your review of the book. I do like Joe Vitale’s book, and I think his passion for the subject shines through.

    I guess stream of consciousness writing works better for good copywriters, because they already have many ideas in their head – but maybe not so good for the newer copywriter.

  2. I picked up this book because I wanted some new ideas for a sales letter I was writing. I have experience as a writer and I’ve written sales letters/material before. However, I wanted to refuel my idea generator and that’s what I got. Hypnotic Writing. It gave me exactly what I was looking for, a fresh way to look at my own style, my subject and my clients. I enjoyed the approach Mr. Vitale took in this book: short snippets (chapters) that generate ideas. I read the whole book and took 9 pages of notes in 3 hours.

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