Vitale’s “Hypnotic Writing” Chapter 22-23

In Chapter 22, Joe talks about how many of the past great writers got that way by imitating other great writing. Specifically he encourages us to copy other letters by hand. As far as I know, that’s a universal recommendation for copywriters. Michael Masterson said that you can type out letters and it works the same. I kinda wish I would have known that before I copied out a number of letters by hand.

Chapter 23 is how to get inspiration to write. Joe’s advice is to do it and the inspiration will follow. That’s also in line with what all other writers I’ve heard say. Stephen King talks about that in his book “On Writing” too. I think I remember him saying he writes for an hour a day even on holidays. Many copywriters write for an hour or two first thing when they wake up.

How long you write for is another matter. One famous copywriter, Eugene Schwartz is famous for his 33 minute, 33 second writing sessions that he enforced with a stopwatch. Steve Pavlina says it takes him about 15 minutes to get into a flow state and an article could end up taking him 4 uninterrupted hours to complete.

The take away here is to plan your writing time and then just do it.

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  1. i m inspired to write articles from books, i have been reading books since childhood, and its been almost 20 years to that, so the style and grip for writing and copy writing can gradually be increased from book reading.

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