Vitale’s “Hypnotic Writing” Chapter 24-25

In chapter 24, Joe goes into depth on rewriting. Sort of. He calls this the most important chapter in the book. He goes through the process a couple of times. Here was the first example:

  1. The door was opened by Joe.
  2. Joe opened the door.
  3. Joe kicked open the door.
  4. Joe kicked open the door.

He calls the last line irresistible. Perhaps. From an NLP perspective, the idea here is to use kinesthetic language in 1st position. That’s what they call active voice. The rest of the chapter is another example and narrative of him doing this process with a client.

Chapter 25 is about using language tools.

Joe recommends using a thesaurus to find simpler words.

He also recommends using similies. I’m sure you’ll take to that like a duck to water. I seem to remember hearing somewhere not to mix similes though. That would make you as blind as a baby’s behind and smooth as a bat.

Then there are analogies. One of his examples is a chess analogy: “The strategies in this book will teach you how to checkmate the competition!”

And finally we have quotes. It’s good to set quotes apart visually. Your reader’s eyes are drawn to them. And from the quotes pattern in NLP we know that quotes can also give us an implied endorsement or speak for us… say something we wouldn’t or shouldn’t or that needs more credibility than we could give it ourselves.

“If I have seen a little further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants.

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  1. It’s a fact that people read what’s in quotation marks. Ever notice that the headlines on various sales pages are almost always in quotes? People naturally read what is in quotes so headlines that are hypnotically powerful placed in quotes can be very effective. You can also use an actual quote from somebody famous or one that is inspiring and can be related to your sales letter.

    “Finally! Free from the Rat Race!”

  2. Wow – you reminded me that I have a PDF document somewhere with literally HUNDREDS of these simile phrases that I’d like to incorporate into my own sales pages. I just haven’t made the time. An effective reminder!

  3. “Joe’s mentoring program SUCKED all the cash out of my wallet, then KICKED me in the face! ”

    That’s how I felt anyway after it was over. The advice I received cost me thousands more afterwords as well.

  4. Very interesting. In my day job I do a lot of writing of formal client “sales” documents. I think I’m gonna consider this information next time I open up a document to write (both the article and the comments here)…

    Thanks. Have a great new year!

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