Update to NLP Marketing Blog

I’ve completed building the tiny house and now I’m ready to get back to some marketing.

Over the months, I’ve been attending the Internet Marketing Party here in Austin and have a new vision for how I want to do this site.

Specifically, I’ve come to realize that I no longer want this to be a site that focuses on NLP marketing – firstly because I think the only thing left to say about it is to test new things and I haven’t been doing that lately. Secondly, not many people are searching for “NLP marketing.”

Ranking #1 on a keyword doesn’t mean much if it gets less than 400 searches a month. Most of the time it’s hard to monetize that small amount of traffic. Most spell checkers still don’t recognize copywriting as a real word and most humans think you mean copyrighting.

Another interesting observation is that even though I only posted twice in this last year, my biggest traffic month in the past 3 years was October 2010. That tells me that there’s a steady interest in this topic but also that no one else is trying very hard to compete on this keyword.

I’ll leave up all the post I’ve done this far if anyone is specifically interested in weaving NLP into copywriting. I am going to take down my hypnotic writing course and eventually put it up as a ClickBank product so others can sell it too.

On to the new vision – I’m planning to do a curation site for starting a new business and getting new business ideas. Eventually I plan to roll out the modeling projects I’ve done because most of them relate to gaining skills that would be useful to anyone starting a new business.

Least you fret, it’s not going to be another internet marketing site. A curation site tries to take all the incoming news from anywhere on the internet and reference it and comment on it.

My intention is to make this the blog to read for getting new business ideas and starting a business. It’s not going to be my advise but rather my comment on all the news out there as it happens – as best I can.

I’ll need to write a number of pillar articles before I start curating. I’m planning to start a fitness curation site as well. I actually have always spent much more time studying and practicing to improve my health and fitness than marketing. There may not be too many noticeable changes before those things happen.

The NLP marketing and NLP modeling will still be here – they’ll just be operating quietly in the background as this site transforms into a resource for starting new businesses.

If there’s anything else you’d like to see here, feel free to leave a comment. I’ve been thinking of getting rid of CommentLuv though as it seems to attract lower quality comments.

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