Hello Small Business Ideas

It’s late in coming but Daily Small Business Ideas is starting now.

All of the prior NLP Marketing content will remain on this site. I’m simply shifting emphasis to a larger market – small business ideas. This will be for starting a small business as well as improving small businesses.

The content will mostly be curated posts. I’ll look for what seems to be the best article or two each day and write share them. If you’ve been on the mailing list, individual posts will no longer be announced since there will be content every day. In fact, this will be the last one. If you want instant notification, I’ll be connecting this to Twitter.

Additionally, I’ve developed a number of NLP models that I will be releasing in coming weeks. A model of networking will come out first. It seems like a lot of the best small business ideas come from people we interact with. Hopefully a model to do that better will be valuable to people.

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