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At this stage in the game, everyone knows that social media is a big deal in small business ideas. For any business dealing with consumers (and most who are not), a social media presence is almost a requirement to thriving in today’s market.

Is Social Media Working for Small Business Ideas?

The interesting story behind social media is not whether to use it but how. A site, Business 2 Community, reported a few statistics on social media usage as well as posting an infographic detailing survey results from Intuit.

Small Business Ideas from Business 2 Community:

  1. Businesses engaging with customers on Facebook build loyalty and drive word of mouth.
  2. Special deals and offers are the top reasons consumers follow a brand on Facebook.
  3. Social Media Experts can help take the burden off building and managing social media pages.


Social Media and the Impact on Small Business Marketing

How Small Businesses Are Using Social Media (Infographic)


To follow on to this list, item #2 is also true for Twitter. We’ve seen examples of businesses do well promoting their specials on Twitter once word reached their customer base.

The most interesting small business ideas from on the Intuit infographic to me was the conflicting views between small business owners and their customers. The most effective Facebook tactic for reaching customers according to small business owners was wall posts (followed by direct messages). The most effective tactic according to customers was special offers and discounts (followed by direct messages.

In using social media, it would also be helpful to talk to your customers and ask them what they’d like to see on your Facebook page.

The small business ideas to take away are that you should be on Facebook and that you should find a way to post special offers and discounts.

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