How to Frame a Great Small Business Idea

Source: Mike Cline via Wikipedia

Today’s small business idea is on how to frame that great small business idea. After you have a USP, you need a way to tell everyone about it.

Let’s look at different ways to frame a hook as well as a great way to distribute those hooks.

Media Hooks for a Small Business Idea

CBS posted an article with 15 hooks you can use to get publicity for a small business idea.

They include using a news event, sharing expert advice, coming up with a Hall of Fame to honor people, having a contest, making a prediction, holding an event, starting a petition, busting myths, sharing recipes, sharing relevant historical events, making a list as this article did, making a quiz, writing an editorial, or starting an index to rank something.

This was a part two article so there are further ways to promote your small business idea in the previous article as well.

YouTube for a Small Business Idea

Another article today was on ways to share your small business idea through YouTube with relevant examples.

They reported that YouTube has said that it’s “how-to” channel has become it’s most popular channel showing that businesses are catching on to the power of consumer education prior to making the sale.

Their categories for video production are branding, consumer education, how-to videos, selling  benefits related to the product, problem-solution, as your main service (Khan Academy), product demonstrations, advice, tutorials, or as something intended to go viral.

Be sure and watch a few of the videos to understand the concepts.



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You probably know from personal experience that you hate watching most commercials but you’ll watch a how-to video no, problem. One of the major uses of the internet is to find solutions to problems and how-to videos are often the easiest to use.

Successful Small Business Idea Videos

The list of businesses that have become successful through promoting how-to videos is long indeed. If you combine these two concepts above – finding a hook and creating videos for customers’ enrichment – there’s no limit to where you can take your small business idea.

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