Small Business Idea: Be Awesome

We’ve been talking about different channels to get the word out about a small business idea. A new one today is to be awesome.

An Awesome Small Business Idea

The Awesome Foundation is another way to gain publicity for a small business idea. The basic idea is that a board of 10 trustees meets once a month to award $1000 to an awesome local idea.

To be a trustee, you pledge to contribute $100 each month to keep your local chapter up and running. Then you get to vote on the most awesome idea of the month. Chapters are limited to 10 trustees to allow the possibility for consensus.

While there aren’t any numbers on the potential ROI of investing time in such an organization, there’s no doubt that the good karma from giving away $100 every month to something awesome would not only be great fun but get your name out in the community.

While some with a small business idea may want to get involved with the organization as fund seekers, it seems like a greater gain could be had by being a trustee. Most local small businesses can benefit from giving back to the community and $100 a month is within the advertising budgets of most.

The only criteria for winning an awesome grant is that the idea be awesome. Any individual, group or organization can submit an idea.

A Local Awesome Small Business Idea

One article featured the Halifax chapter of the foundation. They hold a market where trustees – 60 in all – circulate and talk to pre-screened awesome ideas.

From the article, it appear they pay $400 at a time to be a trustee. The article says there are only 30 trustee slots so it’s not clear exactly how they’re structured.

“Sometimes, it’s just a small amount of money someone needs to advance a great idea forward … or to see if their idea will make it,” Awesome Halifax co-founder Colette O’Hara said in a recent interview.

“That’s what this is really about, getting enough money in somebody’s hands to get to the next baby step they need to take. It’s not about huge amounts of funding; it’s to keep progress happening.”


Awesome Halifax supports business dreams

The Awesome Foundation


Crowdsourcing for a Small Business Idea

As crowdsourcing takes off to fund a small business idea, we’ll have more varieties of it. While The Awesome Foundation seems to be a smaller scale version of it, it’s still enough to get interest and get people thinking about awesome ideas.

If you have a small business, you can go to the The Awesome Foundation’s website and look up your local chapter. Many major cities still have not formed chapters so there’s plenty of opportunity yet to get publicity and fund a small business idea.

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