Taliesen Model

I took a class on Frank Lloyd Wright this semester. Each week we were given a topic to present on. One presentation that I made was on Taliesen. Instead of the usual slide show that we were all doing, I decided to integrate a SketchUp model with some photography I found.

The model didn’t look exactly like the photography so I changed a few things in it. There were a couple of extra rooms so I was changing the building here and there. It’s still mostly not mine so I’m just posting it here as a visualization exercise I did with the georeferenced photography.

If you can see in the toolbar above the model in the image below, there were about a dozen different perspectives. If I clicked on the next one, it would animate forward. I think my humanities classmates were impressed. 🙂

I did zoom out extra for these images. Otherwise you’d mostly be looking at the photographs without the animation of having seen where it belonged.




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