Richardson Location Intelligence

These are some maps I created for the Richardson Economic Development Partnership.

The gist of it was that we were trying to find economic advantages of Richardson’s location.

Commutes White Collar Workers North Dallas
Drive time radii around the North Dallas Center point

The first thing I found out from mining the census data was that we were missing an employment center in our analysis. I ran a cluster analysis and found that in addition to Downtown Dallas, Richardson, Plano, Allen, Las Colinas, Carrolton and Fort Worth, there was a new employment center: North Dallas. That would be the area roughly near Addison along the Dallas North Tollway.

It turns out that for the less than 15 minute commute it has about 170,000 white collar workers as compared to downtown’s 145,000 and Richardson’s 132,000. Of course Richardson is still the telecom cluster of the Metroplex but we already knew that.

Additionally we looked at relative costs of living comparing versus income for the Dallas-Fort Worth, San Fransisco-San Jose and the Boston MSAs. From the maps it appears that Dallas gets the most bang for the buck. The ones posted here are a comparison of home values over income using the same scale. I also did food prices, health care and transportation.

DFWMSA Home Value over Income SFMSA Home Value over Income

Here was one on household operations index. So it’s a relative index based on how much people are spending to keep their homes going.

7 North Dallas Household Operations Spending Index

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