Back Online

I haven’t posted in a few years due to a technical glitch. The database for this site somehow exceeded it’s storage capacity when I went to upgrade… yada, yada, yada. It took some time to even figure out what happened and then I kept putting off getting it fixed until I completely walked away from it.

But now I’ve created a new database and a new site and tried to bring in everything I had here before. I don’t think I got all the images so you may see some missing if you go back to previous years. I’ve also condensed the categories because I don’t plan to write much more about marketing or try to curate business ideas anymore.

So what have I been doing in the last 3 years? After I finished my Masters of Science in Real Estate (see: for details), I got into the Arts and Technology (ATEC) PhD program at UT Dallas. There’s a whole story about that and now I’m technically a double major PhD along with GIS or Geospatial Information Sciences (more often referred to as Geographic Information Systems). Oh, and I’m now also a Commercial Realtor with Keller Williams Commercial. As if I wasn’t busy enough.  🙂

I’ve finished my coursework for ATEC and have begun my dissertation hours. But then seeing as I still need a few more technical skills to complete my PhDs, I’ve begun studying data science. I’m doing a sort of self directed boot camp for at least this semester if not the next. I’m enrolled in the data science tracks on both Coursera and Udacity and am reading a couple of O’Reilly books.

The reason I’m back online blogging here is that I’ve been accumulating papers and projects over the years that I want to post. And I’m investigating data science internships and jobs and they’re needing to see portfolio work. I’ve installed a portfolio theme here so hopefully that will work out. I probably should clean some of the work up and submit it for publication in academic journals but I have conflicted thoughts about that given the advent of open data and all.

The next few post will be the work I’ve been doing over the past few years. I’ll backdate the publish date so they appear in order that I worked on them. Enjoy!

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