What’s Valuable in Richardson

Richardson tax value visualized

I originally published this article on Medium.com because I was enjoying reading there and thought the work might get wider readership there. Then they instituted a membership and asked me to pay before I read any more. Seeing as I had contributed valuable content to it already, I decided not to get a membership and not to post any more content. I’ll be posting here from now on if I post anything.

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The most important feedback I got was saying I should consider adding the revenue from business personal property. I looked through the Texas statutes but could not find whether that income is distributed to cities the same way sales tax and property tax is. But I did find information saying it is difficult to assess so even if I did add it, it wouldn’t be accurate.

Probably the biggest change business property would make is the data centers. They have lots of expensive equipment there. But again, I don’t know what benefit the city gets from that if any.

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